Why and how I moved to UK

The truth is, I always wanted to live somewhere different of my country. It might sound bad and selfish, but I did not feel safe there. I am from Bulgaria by the way. I am not gonna start writing about politics, I am really not into it, but that was one of the reasons not to feel safe. The economic is bad and you never know what are you gonna wake up to.

I have to admit, though, the nature is amazing. But for me, personally, this was never enough.

There is always two types of opinions on that kind of topic – the people that love their country that much, so they would never leave it, or the people that are not satisfied with their life and seek for happiness elsewhere.

If you are not sure, I am definitely from the second group. I always wanted to move, but never actually made any plans for it.

So in 2018 I was 22 and the reality kicked in – I was living in a temporary student accommodation; I was in my last year of University and I had to make some kind of decision for the near feature, at least.

I had a few options – to find rental place to live and get an unpleasant job, until I find better one (eventually); to move back to my small town, live with my parents and become a teacher in my high school, or to move to another country.

As you might have guessed I changed the country.

Meanwhile, I was very into watching UK vlogers on YouTube and their lifestyle was looking very pleasing compared to mine in Bulgaria.

And just by some kind of enormous luck my cousin had moved to UK in 2017. That seemed like a golden ticket to me, so I did not wait for long before making plans and buying tickets. I was so excited and could not wait to get my diploma and get out of there.

I probably should mention that I did not move alone, my boyfriend came with me, so that made things even easier.

It was a very straight forward process. We had jobs and accommodation arranged so it was easy enough. On the third day we were already working. I should say that the only good thing about that job was that they arranged us appointments for all the documents we needed.

My English back then was very rusty and I was not confident speaking it at all. And the fact that on that job we were speaking mostly Bulgarian did not help.

Eventually we got our documents and I started looking for other, normal job. It was not hard to find one, in hospitality so I thought it was perfect to practice my English. And it was! In the beginning it was quite challenging, especially that I was the only one Bulgarian there. But I should say that the colleagues and the management were amazing. I never felt foreign.

I was amazed by the difference in the lifestyle, politics, healthcare. I am so grateful that my life by now turned that way and I would not change it. I still miss my family. They are still there, but nowadays the technology helps. And we manage to fly and see each other couple times a year.

Now, after two years here I feel so much more confident and comfortable that I could not imagine moving back to my country.

I really hope that you enjoyed your time here. Don’t be shy and leave a comment. Take care!♥

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  1. Gery, you said leave a comment so…

    aren’t you sweet!
    I’m glad you’re here and we could be part of the reason why. 😁😁😁

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